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On October 30th, I released the third edition of my book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.

If there’s one constant in travel, it’s that it is forever changing. And so the tips and prices I wrote in the last edition, which only came out two years ago, are out of date. So much has changed! In the latest edition of my New York Times best-selling book, I show you how to travel cheaper, longer, and smarter with all my updated tips, tricks, and travel hacks. You’ll get over 40 new pages of content in addition. It also has more of a global perspective to help non-Americans, couples, and families travel better!

Money is the primary reason why most people don’t travel as much as they want, and this book will help save you money on trips for the rest of your life.

To celebrate the new edition, I decided to give away $18,250 in cash to someone who bought a copy of the book. Since the contest was announced, I’ve had a number of questions from readers about the rules and requirements of the contest, so in today’s quick update, I’m going to answer all your questions:

Why isn’t this contest open to everyone?
Unfortunately, this contest is only open to those in the US and Canada. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the book is really only available in these countries. It’s not sold overseas directly via my publisher. Sure, you can order anything from Amazon, but that’s not through my publisher. Since the book is only physically sold here, we decided to only open the contest to where you can walk into a bookstore and purchase the book.

I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal but, after seeing everyone’s reactions when we started this, my publisher and I did look into opening it up worldwide. However, every country has its own contest rules, and it’s very hard to create rules that would apply to every country in the world. It’s just not possible to do without running afoul of lots of local laws and, in the end, was rejected by their legal department.

Why can’t you just open it up to everyone on your own? Why does a publisher need to be involved?
Honestly, I thought about it. But if I strike out on my own, I lose my publisher’s stellar legal team, and since, oddly, a lot of people have complained this contest is “illegal” (it’s not), I can’t afford to lose their legal shield should someone try to go after me.

Thus we, thanks to some annoying people on the web, must keep the contest restricted to Americans and Canadians.

Do I have to be a citizen or a resident of these countries?
A legal, tax-paying resident.

Quebec is part of Canada. Why can’t people in Quebec participate?
Quebec has its own rules regarding contests, requiring that they must be done in both French and English. Since this is not in French, the contest isn’t valid there. It’s very common to have contests that exclude Quebec.

Is this illegal?
No. This is not sweepstakes, lottery, or giveaway. Your 500-word essay entry will be read and judged. This makes it a contest as it is a skills-based test and thus fully legal, except in the states that don’t allow this, which are mentioned in our terms and conditions. Void where prohibited and all.

Does buying it on Kindle count?

I bought the old edition. Does that count?
No. You need to purchase the new edition within the contest window in order to be eligible.

Can I screenshot my receipt? The rules are unclear.
Yes, a screenshot of your order email is fine. Often, order forms have information we aren’t collecting and our rules meant to say we didn’t want that information, just your order info. But we were unclear. Sorry about that.

Why does Amazon say this book came out in 2015? Is this the new edition?
Yes, the third edition is the new edition. Here’s the long boring story: We did what is called a “soft relaunch.” This book has the same ISBN number (basically a book’s social security number) as the old edition. So since it doesn’t have a new ISBN, it’s considered by Amazon to have the same published date. We added some stuff in the description of the book to indicate it is the new edition, but that’s all I can do. I assure you the third edition is brand-spanking new!

Does this trip have to be continuous travel?
Good question — and yes. You get a monthly stipend so long as you are on the road. You can’t go travel for a few weeks, come back, go again, come back, and go again. This money can only be used on the trip you are going on once you leave your house. Once you come back, the trip is considered over.

How will I receive the money?
You’ll get monthly deposits into your bank account.

Where can I go if I win?
Anywhere you want!

I hope that answers your questions. You can leave more in the comment section. I’ll be happy to answer them there!

And if you’d like a chance to win $18,250 and head around the world, you can click here to see the rules, enter, and hope Christmas comes early and you win! The contest runs through November 30th.

Enter between October 30, 2017 and November 30, 2017. Open to US residents and Canadian residents (excluding Quebec), 18 and older. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. See Official Rules at for full details.

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