The Ultimate 2019 Guide to Thailand’s Full Moon Party

Full moon party in ThailandFull moon party in Thailand

Don’t Drink too Many Buckets

Buckets are the most popular drink at the full moon party. And drinking too many can be dangerous. To refresh, the average bucket contains a small bottle of Samsong (Thai Whiskey) and two Thai red bulls. Thai red bulls are insanely strong and each bucket contains 7- 10 western red bulls. 

One bucket will get you hyper. Two buckets will have you stumbling down the beach like a drunken Olympic runner. Three buckets and you have so much energy that you will be convinced that times slowed down (however, you are so drunk, you won’t remember it). 4 buckets and you’ll be passed out on the beach. 

Not exactly a health drink and terrible for the heart. And hangover (trust me).

I would limit it to only one, at the most, two buckets; then move on to a less deadly combination. Certainly, don’t drink seven. Like someone I know did at their first full moon party. *Cough*

Do Drink Water

Hydrating while getting a drunk is important anywhere. Enough said. But Thailand’s a very hot and humid country.

So at the full moon party, you’re sweating out all the good stuff while taking in all the bad. Make sure to balance your water and booze intake.

DOn’t Buy Drugs; It’s a scam

Thailand has very strict drug laws. And local police have mastered a system during the full moon party. Random strangers will come up to you – all over Koh Phangan – and try to sell you drugs. Just shake your head no and walk away immediately.

Never ever buy them.

There are a lot of undercover cops posing as dealers or watching known drug dealers. Once you finish the sale, you will be arrested. This will result in either doing jail time or an expensive “fine” which cost between $200 – $1,000.

DON’T Pregame to Hard

Thailand’s cheap, so pregaming isn’t necessary. But I understand some people want to show up to the party with a buzz. Remember the party lasts from sundown to well after sunrise so pace yourself. 

Like Oktoberfest -The Full Moon Party is a marathon, not a sprint.

Don’t go too hard in the beginning

DON’T Go Swimming

I’m telling you this for a couple of reasons.

First, the ocean doubles as a bathroom during the party.

Second, drinking and deep water don’t mix. People have drowned in the past. Don’t take any unnecessary risks.

DO Have An Escape Plan

Write down the name and address of your hotel/or hostel. This makes life easier when you are trying to get back via tuk-tuk or cab, especially if you are staying on the other side of the island.

Ask your hotel or hostel for a business card. If they don’t have one, have them write it on a blank card in both English and Thai.

Watch out for Fake Alcohol 

Watch out for Fake Alcohol – I won’t go into all the damage drinking fake liquor can do. But it’s bad!

If you buy your booze from the bar, bucket stand, or 7-11 then chances are your safe. Watch whoever’s pouring your drink. If they open a bottle, that’s sealed, it’s fine. If they pour a clear liquid out of a water bottle or your drink taste a little funny, think twice.

Also, if someone approaches you on the beach with a water bottle full of clear liquid chances are its fake booze. Not only does it get you sloppy drunk quickly, but it also has terrible side effects like making you go blind.

Have a Blast

The party starts raging as soon as the sun begins to go down and it continues well after the sun comes up. Go for it! Enjoy the party and have a blast.

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