The Best Supplements For Traveling

This one can be really tricky to stick to, but it is one of the most important tips on this list. Not getting enough sleep can make you grumpy, less focused and energetic and if you lose too many hours you can start feeling depressed. Not what you need when you’re traveling!

You should try and stick to a fairly normal bedtime while you’re away but even then, it can be difficult to get your head down when you need to. Many of the places I have been to are busy, noisy and bright all through the night into the morning. Performance Lab Sleep can help you to wind down naturally and get a good night’s sleep no matter where in the world you are!

Performance Lab Sleep works in the same way as the other products from Performance Lab – with your body’s natural processes and cycles rather than against them. The two key ingredients are magnesium and Montmorency Tart Cherry.

The magnesium is top quality stuff. Other magnesium sources are not always able to be absorbed by your body, but the magnesium in Performance Lab Sleep is super absorbable, so it works quickly and effectively.

The effect it has on your body is to help relax your muscles and nervous system ready for a great night’s sleep. It also helps to reduce your blood pressure which is a natural thing that happens as your body gets ready to rest. As well as helping you go to sleep, it helps you stay asleep by blocking some of the neurotransmitters that cause you to move around in your sleep.

As for the Montmorency Tart Cherry, it’s not there for flavor! It’s actually a great natural source of melatonin – a chemical that you produce naturally when it gets dark to help your body get ready for sleep. Some supplements contain artificial melatonin, but the melatonin in Performance Lab Sleep is all-natural so your body gets maximum benefit!

If you’re in a bustling city or somewhere like Iceland where the nights are really short, getting some extra melatonin will really help keep a steady sleep cycle and help you to kick ass all day every day!

And that’s it! Some sensible suggestions to look after yourself while traveling, and an introduction to the best range of supplements for travelers I have ever seen!

The Performance Lab range are great individually, but they work really well when you use them in combination, with a lot of the benefits stacking and doubling up, so if you have room in your backpack for more than one, take two, or three!

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