The Best Budget Destinations in Africa


Morocco is one of the top African destinations (I’ve just announced dates for my TBA Escapes Morocco Tour!), and it’s entirely possible to explore the country on a budget.

Spend your trip exploring the local markets in Marrakech or wander around the blue city of Chefchaouen.

The local Moroccan food and drinks are so delicious and inexpensive, you can find them all around the cities. You can also consider train travel in Morocco to save some money on transportation.

Morocco has a closed currency which means that isn’t readily available anywhere outside of the country. Not to worry though, you can exchange your dollars at the airport or withdraw cash from the ATMs. If you want to splurge on something during your trip, I highly recommend a tented camp in the Sahara!

Average Costs

Dorm Bed: $22 per person per night
Three Cheap Meals: $12 a day
Local Transportation: $5 (taxis, local buses, subway, etc.)
Average Daily Budget: $35

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While the continent of Africa is put on the backburner for many US travelers, it’s not as intimidating to plan as you might think! It’s full of unique cultures, delicious foods, locals, sights unlike any others and, if you don’t mind sacrificing a few comforts, it’s a very affordable place to visit!

Do you have any tips for traveling to Africa on a budget? Let me know in the comments below!

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