The 5 Best Fjords in Norway

Nested not far from Bergen, in the very heart of the fjord region, Hardangerfjord is considered to be the most picturesque fjord in entire Norway. Hardangerfjord is all about fascinating mountain views, glaciers, gentle hills, and mild climate. 

Spring is definitely the best season to visit this charming corner of Norway as it is the time when the shores of Hardangerfjord wallow in flowers and blossoming trees. All in all, the region is primarily known for its enchanting countryside panoramas, idyllic orchards, and the production of the best cider in the country.

Those, enjoying hiking and climbing mountain slopes, will be pleased by the wide range of trails and landscapes Hardangerfjord surroundings have to offer. One of the most breathtaking landmarks of the region is one-of-a-kind cliff Trolltunga, set 1100 meters (3600 feet) above the sea. 

So if you consider the possibility to explore this amazing spot, you may easily get to Bergen directly by plane or from the capital of Norway, hopping on a scenic train Oslo to Bergen.

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