Skopje: The Complete Travel Guide to Northern Macedonia Capital (2019)

Skopje is safe. But, like any city, you need to watch your belongings. Keep an eye out for pickpockets.

If your hotel or hostel has a safe or locker, keep everything you don’t need locked up.

You don’t need to carry your passport, laptop, jewelry, etc.

A smart traveler is a prepared traveler, and one good piece of advice is lock up at least one backup debit or credit card.

So if the worst should happen and you get pickpocketed you aren’t cut off from your cash flow.

You should also watch out for basic scams. This is important during your first 24 hours in the city as you are getting on your feet. Scams happen, and you shouldn’t get discouraged if you fall victim to one. It is all part of the learning curve.

Even after years of travel experience I still get tricked sometimes….. I did in Skopje.

I arrived late at night. After exiting the train station, I struck a deal with a cab for a ride to my hostel for 5 Euro ($5.60) which I had on me. I also had Denar on me. 

Upon arrival, I handed him the 1,000 MDK ($19). He took it looked at it and said he couldn’t break it. Going through my wallet, I pulled out the 5 Euro bill I had. 

He wasn’t happy about taking Euro but handed me back the Denar and took the Euro. The light in his car didn’t “work,” so the entire transaction was done in the dark. It wasn’t until the next morning at breakfast that I realized he didn’t hand me back 1,000 MDK. He handed me back 100 MDK ($1.83)

He must have switched it while I was grabbing the 5 Euro from my wallet. (Slap hand against forehead)

Other than this experience, I had a pleasant time in Skopje. I never felt in danger or unsafe. People are genuinely friendly and respectful, but you should always be on the lookout for scams. 

I never got an uneasy feeling, even when walking alone at night. It is easy to navigate as the major sights are all within walking distance from the city center.

Overall, Skopje is a safe city.

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