How Much to Budget for an African Safari

What a Safari Includes

I’ve been to some of the top safari destinations in Africa now and would say you should generally look to spend $1,000 per person per night.

I know that initial sticker price might be shocking, but this would cover an all-inclusive property which takes care of your game drives, ranger, accommodation, meals, alcohol, and conservation fees.

While all-inclusive resorts can be a budgeting mistake for some types of trips, it really isn’t for an African safari. There is very little you can DIY on a safari and even if you were to pay for things à la carte—it’ll still add up to around the same price.

I’ve consistently found it’s better and often more economical to just go all-inclusive.

An ideal stay is two nights, which will generally include four game drives. If you arrive around lunchtime on day one, you can get settled in then go on your first game drive in the evening. On your second day, you will have ample time for two more game drives then you can do your last one on the morning before you leave.

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