Backpacking Indonesia | The Only Guide You Need (March 2019)

Imagine if you mastered everything you needed before backpacking Indonesia. Well, since you landed here you are on the right path (Give yourself a hearty pat on the back). 

By the time you get to the bottom of this post, you will have in-depth insights that will significantly improve your travels in Indonesia.

A lot of travelers get intimidated by the sheer size of the country, I mean there are over 17,000 islands in Indonesia. 17,000 I.S.l.A.N.D.S! Over 300 different spoken languages and hundreds of different cultures, from the small water tribes like the Bajo to the Javanese people who make up a majority of the population. There are a lot of awesome experiences withlocals in Indonesia. 

Are you starting to see why people find backpacking Indonesia daunting? It makes my head spin just thinking about it!

After reading the last, excellently written paragraph (*cough) you might be asking yourself. Where do I start? Is backpacking Indonesia even possible?

Yes! And by the bottom of this page, all your stress and worries will fade.

I’ve spent around 5 months traveling in Indonesia. Much of that time I’ve explored the tourist hotspots but I’ve also spent a good amount of time venturing off the beaten path. 

Being such a massive country it is impossible to cover it all in one blog post, and anyone claiming to do so is trying to sell you something.

 But this guide to Indonesia will go over everything a traveler needs to know. 

We will go in detail on cost and budgets, the best places to go, awesome things to see and do, what to expect, apps, safety, packing, helpful phrases, and much more!

So what are you waiting for, become a guru of traveling Indonesia?

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