300 Life is Short Quotes to Inspire Your Life (With Photos)

Apply these life is short quotes to your daily life and you will change.

These quotes remind us that our time on this amazing planet is finite. 

And because we have limited time, we should use these famous quotes as a springboard to relentlessly chase after our dreams. 

For me, this means traveling the world, embracing wild adventures, and helping to inspire others to do the same. 

For you, it might mean something different. It could mean being the best parent possible or graduating from university. Maybe it’s losing 20 pounds or running a marathon.  

Whatever your dreams, chase them with all of yourself. Because life is too short, and you can’t afford to spend your time waiting on the sidelines. 

Because you find inspiration and commit to hard work, you can achieve anything! 

Let’s look at over 300 life is short quotes from authors, actors: religious icons, gurus, and historical figures. 

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