“30 Things to Do Before You Turn 30” Travel Bucket List

Improve Your Photography Skills

When I started traveling six years ago, I knew nothing about photography. All I had was my iPhone and a pretty basic point and shoot camera.

Over the years, I’ve spent hours learning photography and editing. I’ve upgraded to the Fujifilm X Series, and I’ve even released my own collection of Lightroom presets!

If you’re serious about improving your photography skills – sign up for a class on Skillshare, go on a photography tour in South Africa and shoot as much as possible! All your hard work and effort will be worth it when you come back with vacation shots.

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Live in a New Country

Since moving to Cape Town, my life has changed so much! I started my TBA Escapes Tours, met my boyfriend Meyer and explored so much of South Africa.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend living in a new country! Whether it’s for a couple of months or indefinitely, it’s an experience that will shape your life for the better.

You’ll get to immerse yourself into another culture, make new friends and travel deeper.

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