20 Best Islands in Croatia: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Visit

Pag Island

(Known For: for Nightlife, Best Sandy Beaches in Croatia, Wine, Food)


Pag’s medieval streets and old fishing villages seem unmoved by time. The Gothic cathedral and white stony roads are the highlights of the island. Pag’s famed for the local cuisine and wine. Namely the lamb, žutica white wine, and herb brandy.

The island’s landscape differs from the rest of the country. Dramatic peaks and rock formations tower over the island. Vast chunks of the scenery will make you double-check Google maps. Just to make sure you didn’t take a wrong turn and end up on the moon.

If you are looking for resorts and parties, then add Pag to your itinerary. The town of Novalja, the best place for nightlife, is the tourist’s epic center of the isle. And the spot for beaches, clubs, hotels, and resorts.

Most of the coasts on Pag are soft and sandy, which are another powerful draw for visitors. (Since a lot of the shores in Croatia are pebble beaches).

Crazy landscape, good nightlife, resorts, bluffs, sandy beaches, and small villages. What else do you need?

Traveling to Pag

Getting to Pag is simple. The island is connected to the mainland by a small bridge. And you can easily drive or catch a bus from Zadar and Rijeka.

There are also ferries and catamaran options from the mainland and other islands.

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